International Conference Engineering & Telecommunication - En&T 2015

5th International Conference
Engineering & Telecommunication - En&T-2018

Moscow, November 15-16, 2018


Below is a photo report on the previous international conference "Engineering & Telecommunications - EnT2014" which took place in Moscow from 26 to 28 November 2014.

David A. Grier - 2013 President of IEEE CS and Sergei P. Prokhorov - 2011-2012 Chair of IEEE CS Russian Branch.

Professor Sergei Garichev - Chair of the Organizing Committee opened the Conference.

Doctor Ighor Uzhinsky (USA) - chairman of the first day of the conference.

David A. Grier made a report "IEEE: Community of Professionals for Professionals.

Academician Alexander Kuleshov - director of the Institute for Information Transmission Problems presented the report "From Theorem to Product".

Rory Fitzpatrick, CEO, National Space Center, Ireland.

Corr. Member of RAS Leopold Lobkovsky made a report " Information &Communication Technology for natural resources development under ecological risk conditions".

Professor Halina Jedrzejowska-Tychkowska (Polland) presented a report "Importance of Seismic Data Resolution on Geological Results of Multidisciplinary Geophysical Research".

By tradition, the students took the top place, behind the professors and teachers.

Telebridges with Cyprus, Poland and the United States have caused a great revival ...


... and discussion.

International Conference "Engineering & Telecommunications - EnT2014» is an extension of the international conference «MEDIAS - 2008» - «MEDIAS - 2012" and «RE: 2013", which Moscow Institute of physics and technology conducted together with partners in the programs and projects of international cooperation in the field development of innovative technologies.

Below is a photo report on the previous international conference "Innovative technologies in environmental studies - RE: 2013"        which took place from 13 to 17 May 2013 in Larnaca (Cyprus).

Sergei Prokhorov - the Chairman of Organising Committee opened the Symposium.

Andreas Louroutziatis, the Mayor of Larnaca welcomed the symposium participants.

Kevin Andrews reported about main areas of Intercollege research and educational activities.

Costas Stasopoulos, IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect told about the activities of the IEEE.

Yuri Pyanykh, chairman of the Association of Russian Businessmen in Cyprus welcomed participants.

Sergey Garichev's report was devoted to the Research and Innovation for the Environment.

Leopold Lobkovsky made a report on the project of mobile complex on the basis of the lightweight sea vessel.

Victor Klassen told about the project of integrated center for information and communication technologies.

Alexey Kolessa presented a report on the International project of the orbit precision determination.

Alexey Romanov's report was dedicated to of Russian satellite oceanographic monitoring systems development.

Vladislav Kondratiev told about the architecture of distance learning systems in the power grid energy.

Marina Sologub (Cork University Ireland) presented the report on the International project HAOD.

George Zodiatis reported about main areas of Cyprus Oceanography Center research activities.

Amalia Utamishi told about Gnosis-joint Research Center of Moscow State University and University of Cyprus.

Dmitri Vassiliev (University College of London, UK) was very active in discussion.

Anton Pleshkov spoke about the alluring future, when there would be built new catamaran to explore the sea.

The leaders of the Intercollege Nicos Nicolau and Kevin Andrews listen carefully the speakers of the Symposium.

Dmitri Vassiliev and Sergey Garichev - two Deans (in London and Moscow) graduated Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Teleconference Moscow - Larnaca (Intercollege - MIPT). Vassily Bogdanov (TV PRO Business) takes part in the discussion.