International Conference Engineering & Telecommunication - En&T 2015

5th International Conference
Engineering & Telecommunication - En&T-2018

Moscow, November 15-16, 2018


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia) and PhysTech-Union (Russia) supported by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE (USA), the world’s greatest engineering professional association with 130-year history, hold the 5th international conference «Engineering and Telecommunication – En&T-2018».

Dates: November 15-16, 2018.
Venue: Moscow/Dolgoprudnyi/PhysTech-Park.

Based on the success of the four previous conferences En&T-2018 sets providing the platform for discussion of innovative ideas in the field of telecom technologies and IT and also their application in the different branches of industry and production its primary goal.

Within the schedule of the conference the round table «Modern satellite communication systems» will be held.

The following questions are brought to discussion:

  • Development trends of multi-beam geostationary HTS systems for satellite broadband access: competition of technologies and systems.
  • Future non-geostationary multibeam LEO / MEO / HEO-HTS systems: Problems, Solutions and current scientific and technical challenges, including the ones taking the Arctic region servicing into account.
  • Prospects of satellite technologies on the M2M / IoT market: existing systems and new projects

The conference topics are divided into the following sections:

  1. Telecommunication technologies and IT

    Wireless data transmission systems and networks. Optical fiber networks and technologies. Software-defined networks and virtualization of the network features. Information security in the data transmission networks and network coding. Multimedia and telecom services, including the ones for e-learning.

  2. Radio communication and radiolocation systems

    New technologies in the field of radio communications and radiolocation. Broadband satellite and mobile communications. Radio communications and broadband access in the Arctic. Satellite Internet of things. Vehicle-based radio communication systems. On-board radiolocation systems and devices . UHF devices and antennas. Transceiving and channel-forming hardware and equipment. Future radiomaterials.

  3. Computer systems and networks

    Architecture of supercomputers and specialized real-time computer systems. Hardware accelerators. Virtual computation media. General system software. Application software development tools and technologies. Visual programming. Use of computer systems and networks in industrial, government and military industry sectors.

  4. Artificial intelligence systems

    AI systems. Pattern recognition systems. Neural networks. Deep learning networks. Hardware implementation of neural networks and neurocomputers. Data analysis systems. Data mining and Big data systems. Decision making and decision making support systems. Biologically inspired control systems. Adaptive control systems. Applied systems with AI.

Working languages of the conference: Russian, English.

Possibilities of publication:

  1. Article in the separate compilation under the auspices of IEEE
    • Publication condition: matching the formatting requirements and positive review of the review committee.
    • Submission deadline: September 15, 2018.
  2. Conference report theses
    • Publication condition: matching the formatting requirements and positive review of the review committee.
    • Submission deadline: October 1, 2018.


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