International Conference Engineering & Telecommunication - En&T 2015

5th International Conference
Engineering & Telecommunication - En&T-2018

Moscow, November 15-16, 2018

V International Conference
Engineering & Telecommunication EN&T-2018

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November 15, 2018

PhystechPark, «Kapitsa» Hall
10:00-11:00Registration. Welcome Coffee.
11:00-11:10 Opening Ceremony. Welcome speech by Prof. Sergey Garichev, Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee, Vice-Rector MIPT on Research and Developments, Laureate of the Russian Government Prize, Russia
11:10-11:20 Welcome speech by Prof. Alexander Dvorkovich, Chairman of the Conference Program Committee, Corresponding Member RAS, Director School RECT MIPT, Russia.

Plenary Session

Moderator: Prof. Ighor Uzhinsky, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

11:20-11:45Trends in the development of the satellite industry
Yu. M. Urlichich, First Deputy General Director of the State Corporation "Roscosmos";
11:45-12:10Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio
Minglu Jin, Prof., Dalian University of Technology, China
12:10-12:35Digital Design Technologies in Complex Aerospace Products Development
Prof. Ighor Uzhinsky, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia
12:35-13:00Mobile Wireless Backhaul using mmWave Technologies toward 5G and beyond
Huyn Kyu Chung, Prof., Research Fellow Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea


14:00-14:25Biologically-inspired approach to simulation of language effects in human-machine communication.
Prof. Alexander A. Zhdanov, Lebedev Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering RAS, Russia
14:25-14:45Rapid prototyping technologies for digital satellite communication systems
Aleksander Boldyrev, Project Leader, National Instruments, Russia
15:00-18:30 PhystechPark, «Kapitsa» Hall
Round-table «Modern satellite communication systems»
Moderators: Yury M. Urlichich, First Deputy General Director of the State Corporation "Roscosmos"; Valentin R. Anpilogov, Deputy General Director of JSC "VISAT-TEL", Expert of the Skolkovo Foundation
The purpose of the round table is to give an objective picture of the prospects for the development of broadband access based on HTS satellites; present an objective analysis of LEO / MEO / HEO-HTS projects and identify the main scientific and technical problems, the solution of which determines their successful implementation; identify problems of scientific, technical and technical-economic nature of the implementation of M2M / IoT satellite systems and possible solutions.
To participate in the Round Table invited Leaders and Representatives of Enterprises and Organizations specializing in the Field of Satellite Industry and Telecommunications.

19:00-20:30Cheese & Wine

November 15, 2018 Sessions

PhystechPark, «Ginzburg» Hall
Session 1. Telecommunication and Information Technologies
Prof. Jian Song, Tsighua University, China
Prof. Pan Changyong, Tsighua University, China
Prof. А.V. Dvorkovich, MIPT, Russia

Performance Evaluation for DTMB Receiver under VHF and UHF Bands
Xudong Zhang, Changyong Pan, Xia Hai, Fang Yang

Field Tests of Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting System RAVIS
Alexander V. Dvorkovich, Viktor P. Dvorkovich, Vladimir A. Irtyuga, Kirill S. Mityagin

Soft-Decision Statistical Decoder for Coded DHA FH OFDMA
Alexey A. Kreshchuk

Methodology for Detecting Traces of Preparation for Cyber Attacks
Alexey N. Nazarov, Abhishek Vaish, Ilia M. Voronkov, Sunakshi Singh, Nitish Kumar Ojha

The Approaches to Assessing the Quality and Security of Mobile Application Content
Alexey N. Nazarov, Ilia M. Voronkov, Sergei A. Zhestkov

Information Environment Elements of Digital Control Systems for Objects with Variable Functioning Model
Ba-Chung Le, Yuri A. Holopov, Thi-Hong-Tham Tran

Nonlinear Quantization Method for Wavelet-Based Video Codec
Dam Trong Nam, Gennady Yu. Gryzov, Alexander V. Dvorkovich, Viktor P. Dvorkovich

Clock Drift Impact on Target Wake Time in IEEE 802.11ax/ah Networks
Dmitry V. Bankov, Evgeny M. Khorov, Andrey I. Lyakhov, Ekaterina A. Stepanova

Identification of Objects with Partially Unobservable Influences
T. A Pham, H.H. Do, Irina S. Durgaryan, Alexsander F. Pashchenko, Fedor F. Pashchenko

Multicomponent Subspace Codes in Network Coding
Ernst M. Gabidulin, Nina I. Pilipchuk

Building Heuristic Scheduler for One-Machine Network Function Scaling
Ilya V. Philippov

Features of 5G Mobile Network Satellite Segment Structure
Valeriy O. Tikhvinskiy

The opportunities and problems of a hyperconnected world
Viliam K. Sarian, Roman V. Meshcheryakov, Anatoly P. Nazarenko

PhystechPark, «Semenov» Hall
Session 2. Radio Communication and Radiolocation Systems
Prof. Hyun Kyu CHUNG, ETRI, Korea
Prof. Minglu Jin, Dalian University of Technology, China
Prof. Sergey P. Skobelev, MIPT, Russia
Prof. Alexander V. Shishlov, MIPT, Russia

A Low-Profile Dual-Band Shared-Aperture Antenna System Based on Artificial Magnetic Conductor
Alexander P. Volkov, Vitalii V. Kakshin, Kirill V. Kozlov, Alexander P. Kurochkin

Ultra-wideband Wireless Sensor Network For Real Time Process Monitoring
Alexander S. Dmitriev, Lev V. Kuzmin, Anton I. Ryjov, Yuri V. Andreyev, Maxim G. Popov

About the Choice of Frequency Band of Partial Filters used in the Two-band Method of Estimation of Total Electron Content of Ionosphere
Alexey A. Stroev

Air Target Detection in Pulsar FSR System
Hristo Kabakchiev, Dorina Kabakchieva, Vera Behar, Magdalena Garvanova, Ivan Garvanov, Herman Rohling

Delay Efficient Generalized Polyphase FIR Rate Conversion Filter
Abhishek Kumar, Suneel Yadav, Neetesh Purohit

Remote Point-like Dynamic Target Simulator for Laser Testing Jig Directing System
Andrey N. Kleymenov, Yanka I. Malashko

An Algorithm of the Hybrid Projection Method for Analysis of Axially Symmetric Excitation of an Inhomogeneous Dielectric Body of Revolution
Ekaterina I. Poshisholina, Sergei P. Skobelev

Application of Spiral Antennas for Perspective Vehicle–Board Systems and Complexes
Elchin V. Gadzhiev, Alexander G. Generalov, Mikhail V. Tumanov, Vladimir O. Skripachev, Yuri F. Polushkovskiy, Alexander O. Zhukov

Analysis of H-polarized Plane Wave Scattering by Inhomogeneous
Elizaveta S. Nekrasova, Sergei P. Skobelev

Simulation of Polarization Scattering Matrices for Axisymmetric Objects of Control with the Use of a Complete Circular Basis
Evgeniy G. Parinov, Artem A. Kopylov, Igor V. Zimin

A Family f Optimal Cosine-Sum Windows for Real-Time Spectral Analysis
Gennady V. Zaytsev, Alexander D. Khzmalyan

The Transient Response of αβ-Filter for Tracking with LFM Waveforms
Mariya A. Murzova, Vladimir E. Farber

A Conflict in the Radio Frequency Spectrum of LEO-HTS and HEO-HTS Systems
Valentin R. Anpilogov, Andrey A. Gritsenko, Yury N. Chekushkin, Igor V. Zimin

Increasing efficiency of radio-frequency line using the turbo product code with accounting signal processing methods features
Andrey N. Lutkov

PhystechPark, «Feynman» Hall
Session 3. Computing Technologies and Systems
Prof. Robert Cierniak, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland
Prof. Paul Ben Ishai, Ariel University, Israel
Prof. Nikolay B. Preobrazhensky, IPM&CE RAS, Russia

Evaluation of Cache Compression for Elbrus Processors
Aleksey S. Kozhin, Alexander V. Surchenko

State-of-the-art and Problems in Development of Automated Screening Systems in Personalized Medicine and Oncology
Elena V. Petersen, Ekaterina Yi. Skorova, Roman A. Gorbachev, Ivan A. Volkov

Augmented Intelligence Framework for Protecting Against Cyberattacks
Igor F. Mikalevich, Alexander P. Ryjov

Evolutionary Structural Optimization Algorithm based on FFT-JVIE Solver for Inverse Design of Wave Devices
Iurii B. Minin, Egor E. Nuzhin, Alexey I. Boyko, Mikhail S. Litsarev, Ivan V. Oseledets

Trust Model
Alexander I. Kolybelnikov

Multiple-Precision Summation on Hybrid CPU-GPU Platforms Using RNS-based Floating-Point Representation
Konstantin S. Isupov, Alexander S. Kuvaev

Features of Method of Special-Purpose Calculating Unit Functioning for Linear System Solution Based on the Second Order Delta-Transformation
Liubov V. Pirskaya

Advanced Statistical Reconstruction Methods in Medical Computed Tomography
Robert Cierniak

Short Length LDPC Code-Candidate for Satellite Control Channel
Luiza R. Medova, Pavel S. Rybin, Ivan V. Filatov

Pareto Optimization of Data Transmission in a Partially Observed Communication Network
Nikolay A. Kuznetsov, Dmitry V. Myasnikov, Konstantin V. Semenikhin

Analytical Verification of Computational Programs
Sergey A. Petrenko, Dmitry D. Stupin

PhystechPark, «Kolmogorov» Hall
Session 4. Artificial Intelligence Systems
Prof. Aleksander A. Zhdanov, IPM&CE RAS, Russia
Prof. Uma Shanker Tiwary, Indian Institute of Information Technology, India
Prof. Pritish Varadwaj, Indian Institute of Information Technology, India

Beyond AI: Development of Cognitive Computing and Cognition Technologies for solving Real-life problems
Uma Shanker Tiwary

A Method to Detect Human Psycho-Emotical Disorder Based on the Empirical Mode Decomposition and Formant Analysis of Speech Signals
Alan K. Alimuradov, Pyotr P. Churakov, Alexander Yu. Tychkov, Inna А. Elfimova

Determination of Psychogenic Markers in Speech Signals Using the HHT Theory
Alexander Yu. Tychkov, Alan K. Alimuradov, Alexey V. Ageykin, Anatoliy V. Svetlov

Single-trial ERP Feature Extraction and Classification for Visual Object Recognition Task
Anatoly S. Bobe, Andrey S. Alekseev, Maria V. Komarova, Dmitry V. Fastovets

Effective Detection of Real Trajectories of Highly Maneuverable UAVs Under Strong Noise Conditions
Ivan A. Kalinov, Ruslan T. Agishev

Researching the Fault Tolerance of Robotic System Designed Via Use of Neural Network Decision Making Component of Image Processing
Mikhail V. Makarov, Anton V. Kuryshov

The Algorithm for Constructing Lyapunov Functions for Assessing the Stability of UAV’s Motion by the Method of Statistical Synthesis
Nguyen Quang Thuong

Determining the Fault Tolerance of Memristors-Based Neural Network Using Simulation and Design of Experiments
Sergey N. Danilin, Sergey A. Shchanikov, Alexander E. Sakulin, Ilia A. Bordanov

A New Incremental Semi-Supervised Graph Based Clustering
Vu Viet Thang, Fedor F. Pashchenko

Generative models for brain-computer interface
Anatoly S. Bobe, Albert A. Nagapetyan, Grigorii V. Rashkov

Computer vision algorithms for "Smart Hand"
Anatoly S. Bobe, Mikhail A. Pautov, Igor Yu. Khokhlov, Kirill V. Kovnat

November 16, 2018


PhystechPark, «Ginzburg» Hall
Session 1. Telecommunication and Information Technologies
Prof. Jian Song, Tsighua University, China
Prof. Pan Changyong, Tsighua University, China
Prof. Alexander V. Dvorkovich, MIPT, Russia

On the Maximal Code Length of Optimal Linear LRC Codes with Availability
Stanislav A. Kruglik, Kamilla N. Nazirkhanova, Alexey A. Frolov

Optical Plasmon Sensor Based on ITO Nanoparticles
Valery A. Astapenko, Egor S. Manuylovich, Sergey V. Sakhno, Egor S. Khramov, Evgeniya V. Sakhno

Improving Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction for OFDM Signals using Modified Tone Reservation and Clipping-and-Filtering Hybrid Scheme
Van-Nghia Tran, Ngoc-Khoan Ha

Influence of the stimulated combinational scattering effect on the operation of the phase-sensitive reflectometer
Danil R. Kharasov, Ivan A. Churilin, Edgard A. Fomiryakov, Sergey P. Nikitin, Oleg E. Naniy, Vladimir N. Treschikov

Increasing the operation range of the coherent reflectometer in case of using the quasicontinuous passing Romanov amplifier
Tatyana O. Lukasheva, Oleg E. Naniy, Sergey P. Nikitin, Vladimir N. Treschikov, Danil R. Kharasov

The correllation between coherent reflectogram signal-to-noise ratio and laser radiation spectral line width
Edgard A. Fomiryakov, Danil R. Kharasov, Sergey P. Nikitin, Oleg E. Naniy, Vladimir N. Treschikov

PhystechPark, «Semenov» Hall
Session 2. Radio Communication and Radiolocation Systems
Prof. Hyun Kyu CHUNG, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea
Prof. Minglu Jin, Dalian University of Technology, China
Prof. Sergey P. Skobelev, MIPT, Russia
Prof. Alexander V. Shishlov, MIPT, Russia

The Construction Principle Development of Precision Laser-Interferometric Meter of Distances and Displacements
Iurii B. Minin, Mstislav N. Dubrov, Ekaternina S. Krupnik

Amplitude-Phase Synthesis of Controlled Nulls in sum and difference patterns of monopulse planar phased antenna array
Valery A. Kashin, Yury A. Hmelenko, Irina C. Shurygina

Waveguide to Coaxial Transition in Disk-On-Rod Feed Array Element
Vladislav V. Gavrilin, Yuriy V. Krivosheev, Alexander V. Shishlov

Application of the four-dimensional signal ensembles for improvement of the communication system energy efficiency
Lyubov A. Antyufrieva

Choosing the parameters of the passive multi-position complex for long-range detection radar interference immunity improvement within direct visibility
Khindiya D. Gordeeva

The reduction of interference reflections during the RCS measurements in the Fresnel zone
Sergey V. Elizarov, Egor V. Korotetskij, Sergey A. Kiselev, Yury V. Krivosheev, Anna V. Tikhonova

Research of the model functioning algorithm of classification axisymmetric objects of control by polarization attributes
Artem A. Kopylov, Igor V. Zimin

Development of a model to determine the characteristics of the inverse synthesis by the aperture in the observation of space objects
Viktor Ya. Litnovskii, Igor V. Zimin

Secondary Processing of Radar Information Based on Image Recognition Methods
Yulya V. Igonina

PhystechPark, «Feynman» Hall
Session 3. Computing Technologies and Systems
Prof. Robert Cierniak, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland
Prof. Paul Ben Ishai, Israel
Prof. Nikolay B. Preobrazhensky, IPM&CE RAS, Russia

About the system of views and experience of the creation the domestic multipurpose protected the hardware-software platform by criteria of the information security
Ighor F. Mikhalevich

Model Transformation Using QVT Operational Language
Katerina V. Kryuchkova, Olga A. Deryugina

The "forward hand" principle
Le Ba Chung, Nikolay B. Preobrazhenskiy, Yury A. Kholopov

Interdisciplinary model of the group subject influence on the business management efficiency
Yury A. Lunev, Leontiy A. Khachaturov

PhystechPark, «Kolmogorov» Hall
Session 4. Artificial Intelligence Systems
Prof. Aleksandr A. Zhdanov, IPM&CE RAS, Russia
Prof. Uma Shanker Tiwary, IIIT-A, India
Prof. Pritish Varadwaj, IIIT-A, India

Repeating pattern recognition in the protein structure based on the time-scale representations of the multiscale correlation analysis
Vyacheslav E. Antsiperov, Pritish Kumar Varadwaj

De Brujin Graph based Protein Motif Discovery tool, using Hadoop Framework
Rahul Semwal, Ritu Jaiswal, Pritish Kumar Varadwaj

Design of the dialog system with personality profile integration
Daniil I. Bolotin, Dmitriy A. Karpov, Grigoriy V. Rashkov, Ivan N. Shkurak

Recognition of the speech words using the sonic segment feature extraction
Grigoriy K. Gorbenko, Andrey S. Karaulov

Image distortion analysis with the help of neural networks
Alexandr V. Ivchenko

The development of methods of memristors-based neural network simulation for determining the values of common quality indexes of theirs functioning
Sergey N. Danilin, Sergey A. Shchanikov, Alexander E. Sakulin, Iliya A. Bordanov

Approach to the design of the unified constructor for the artificial system models
Nikita A. Kozhevnikov, Vyacheslav V. Kondratyev, Karolina F. Latserus, Alexey A. Romanov, Yury M. Urlichich

Degrees of Freedom Analysis of Artificial Human Motion Model
Susmita Das, Sanjeev Kumar Ojha, Biswarup Neogi, Alexey N. Nazarov

Unified concept development method based on the architecture models
Nikita A. Kozhevnikov, Vyasheslav V. Kondratyev, Karolina F. Latserus

Error correction for speech recognition systems
Andrey S. Karaulov, Grigoriy K. Gorbenko

Secondary Image Processing on the Basis of Convolutional Neural Networks to Separate Objects of the Specified Class
Dmitry M. Igonin, Yurii V. Tyumentsev

Neural Network Methods of Dynamic Scene Analysis Based on Monitoring of Environment Data
Pavel A. Kolganov, Yurii V. Tyumentsev

Radio Engineering for Biomedicine Problems
Yurii V. Gulyaev, Elena R. Pavlyukova, Vladimir A. Cherepenin

11:00-11:30 Coffee-break
14:00 Conference Closing