1. Telecommunication technologies and IT
1Francois Xavier Habinshuti, Ernest Mugisha, Emmanuel Mudaheranwa, Innocent HakuzwimanaData Rate and Remaining Power Based Multi-hop Routing ProtocolIEEEAccepted
2Ilya I. Noskov, Vladimir A. BogatyrevMultipath Redundant Transmissions of Critical to Delays Packets Based on UDP ProtocolIEEEAccepted
3Alexey N. Nazarov, Alireza Nik Aein KoupaeiAn Architecture Model for Active Cyber Attacks on Intelligence Info-communication Systems: Application Based on Advance System Encryption (AES-512) Using Pre-Encrypted Search Table and Pseudo-Random Functions (PRFs)IEEEAccepted
4Evgeni M. Portnov, Aung Kyaw Myo, Andrey A. AnisimovDevelopment Of The Method For Reducing Distortions Associated With The Parasitic Third Harmonic Of Voltage Frequency Of The Electrical NetworkIEEEAccepted
5Evgeny M. Khorov, Andrey I. Lyakhov, Ruslan R. YusupovScheduling of Dedicated and Shared Links for Fast and Reliable Data Delivery in IEEE 802.15.4 TSCH NetworksIEEEAccepted
6Vitaliy V. Kuptsov, Oleg A. Shmonin, Sergey N. Trushkov, Anastasia S. MikhailovaParametrized autoregressive channel prediction algorithm for moving LTE usersIEEEAccepted
7Luiza R. Medova, Pavel S. Rybin, Ivan V. FilatovOn the error floor of the code-candidate for CCSDS standardIEEEAccepted
8Aleksei V. Fedorov, Galina Yu. Sidorenko, Haibo ZhangRadio Signals Based 3D Orientation Estimation of a Smartphone in Massive MIMO networksIEEEAccepted
9Changyong Pan, Chao Zhang, Hui Yang, Jintao Wang, Xunchun LiResults of the DTMB-A Field Trials in Hong KongIEEEAccepted
10Alexander V. Dvorkovich, Dam Trong Nam, Gennady Yu. Gryzov, Viktor P. DvorkovichThe Modified Traditional Motion Compensation Method in Video Compression ApplicationsIEEE Accepted
11Kien V. Vu, Nina I. PilipchukError decoding probability of multicomponent codesRSCI reportAccepted
12Margarita V. Ushakova, Yury A. Ushakov, Petr N. Polezhaev, Alexandr Y. ShukhmanWireless Self-Organizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based Network for Internet Of ThingsIEEEAccepted
13Maxim A. Deryabin, Mikhail G. Babenko, Anton S. Nazarov, Nikolay N. Kucherov, Aleksandr A. Karachevtsev, Arseny S. Glotov, Irina S. VashchenkoProtocol for Secure and Reliable Data Transmission in MANET based on Modular ArithmeticIEEEAccepted
14Igor M. SorokinWireless Sensor Networks for Agriculture SystemsIEEEAccepted
15Lubov S. Zabrodina, Denis I. Parfenov, Irina P. Bolodurina, Arthur Yu. Zhigalov, Vadim A. Torchin, Anton I. ParfenovInvestigation of the method for identifying cyberattacks based on analysis of the state of network nodesIEEEAccepted
16Changyong Pan, Chao Zhang, Hui Yang, Jintao Wang, Xunchun LiSingle-Channel 8K Ultra-high Definition Digital Television Transmission Using Polarization DiversityIEEEAccepted
17Alexander I. KolybelnikovModel of the trust for encryption in a multithreaded system IEEEAccepted
Tran Thi Hong Tham, Mikhail N. Prokopchuk, Aleksandr V. DvorkovichStudy of channel response estimation method based on theory of optimum noise immunity
19Ivan A. Beskrovnyi, Aleksandr V. Ivchenko, Pavel A. Kononyuk, Liubov V. Antufrieva, Alexander V. Dvorkovich Low-speed vocoder with noise filtrationIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
Konstantin K. Yansitov, Alexander V. Dvorkovich, Vladimir A. IrtugaDevelopment of bank filters for Multi-Carrier Modulation FBMC RSCI, thesises Accepted
21Do Ngoc Diep,
Nikolay B. Novinsky
Research of a new algorithm of acceleration of fractal images compressionIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
22Stanislav А. Kruglik,
Kamilla N. Nazirkhanova, Alexey A. Frolov
On confidentiality in storage systems with locality and availability RSCI thesisesAccepted
23Ozgur GurbuzFull-duplex MAC Protocol Design and AnalysisPresentation Accepted

2. Radio communication and radar systems

1Gennady V. Zaytsev, Alexander D. KhzmalyanA Family of Optimal Windows for Harmonic Analysis with Arbitrary Falloff Rate of Spectrum SidelobIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
2Van-Nghia Tran, Tang-Cuong NguyenFPGA Implementation of High-Performance DOA Estimation using Uniform Circular ArrayIEEEAccepted
3Aleksandr V. PilipenkoNew Opportunities for the Development of Power Supplies for Autonomous Fuel Cell Based Radio RepeatersIEEEAccepted
4Ivan S. Vylegzhanin, Boris M. Vovshin, Danila S. GavrilovAdaptive clutter protection of impulse radarsIEEEAccepted
5Konstantin A. Vytovtov, Elizaveta A. Barabanova, Vladimir M. VishnevskiyAnalitical Model of Fabry-Perot Resonator Filled With Stratified Gyrotropic Material for Microwave And Optical Communication SystemsIEEEAccepted
6Yana I. Chizhevskaya, Olga N. Smolnikova, Sergei P. SkobelevCharacteristics of a periodic structure of absorbing black holes arranged on a perfectly conducting screen RSCI, thesisesAccepted
7Sergei P. Skobelev, Dmitry A. BorisovModification of the method of auxiliary sources in two-dimensional problems of electromagnetic scattering by thin perfectly conducting screensRSCI, thesisesAccepted
8Ivan S. Vylegzhanin,
Boris M. Vovshin, Olga V. Vylegzhanina, Alexander A. Pushkov
Fuzzy logic alghorithms for target classification in radar observationsIEEEAccepted
9Vladislav V. Gavrilin, Alexander V. Shishlov, Yuriy V. Krivosheev Optimal ratio of array spacing and reflector focal length in array fed reflector antennaIEEEAccepted
10Maksim G. Vakhitov, Denis S. Klygach, Vladimir E. Zhivulin, Denis A. Vinnik Studies of the electrodynamic parameters of a powdered material depending on the fractional composition in the frequency range of 8-12 GHzIEEEAccepted
11Ivan A. Kalinov, Azret A. Kochkarov, Victoria M. Antoshina Control System for Assessing Reliability Functioning of the Complex Radio Electronic Equipment Using Machine Learning Methods IEEEAccepted
12Alexander V. KochinMicroelectronic aerological radar MARL-A based on active phased arrayRSCI reportAccepted
13Igor Sidorov, Alexandr Gudkov, Eugenij Novichikhin, Alexey Taradin, Roland Haarbrink, Chizhikov Sergey The specific of 3D passive radars sensing alive and non-alive objectsIEEEAccepted
14Alexander V. Shishlov, I.L. Vilenko, V. V. Denisenko, Viktor I. Klassen Ku/Ka-Band Antenna Terminals for Satellite CommunicationsIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
15Mariya A. MurzovaThe Process Noise Model of Kalman Filter for Chirp RadarIEEEAccepted
16Sergey V. Dushin, Sergey S. ShavrinEfficient echo cancellation in single carrier duplex satellite systemsIEEEAccepted
17Sergey Yu. Kulik, Aleksandr Yu. Rodionov, Fedor S. Dubrovin, Petr P. Unru, Oleg S. MikhailenkoAbout Presicion of Underwater Vehicles Location Using Underwater Acoustic ModemsIEEEAccepted
18Vladimir I. Durnev, Igor V. Zimin, Natalya V. Subbotina, Yury N. Chekushkin, Aram A. KhachatryanThe use of up-to-date technologies in designing and development of a modem for a new-generation satellite communication terminalIEEEAccepted
19Aleksey S. Gvozdarev, Tatiana K. ArtemovaMassive MIMO System Performance in Asymptotically Full-Diversity-Gain and Degeneration Regimes for Rayleigh Max/Min-semicorrelated Channel ModelsIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
20Wenjing Zhao, He Li, Minglu Jin, Sang-Jo YooMaximum Eigenvalue and Energy Combined Spectrum Sensing AlgorithmIEEEAccepted
21Victor T. Ermolayev, Alexander G. Flaksman, Oleg A. Shmonin Antenna Configuration Restrictions for MIMO Radar Influenced by Ground ReflectionsIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
22Igor V. Artyukhin, Viktor T. Ermolaev, Alexander G. Flaksman, Alexey E. Rubtsov, Oleg A. Shmonin Development of effective anti-interference primary signal processing for mm-wave automotive radarIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
23Andrey M. Ivanov, Sergey S. Shadrin, Nikolay V. Popov, Vitaliy V. Gaevskiy, Sergey R. Kristalniy Virtual and Physical Testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with Soft TargetsIEEEAccepted
24Roman S. Kulikov, Alexander A. Chugunov, Elena V. ZakharovaRelative mutual positioning using smartphonesIEEEAccepted
25Vladimir N. Burov, Andrey A. Kuzin, Alexander V. Myakinkov, Anatoly D. Pluzhnikov, Alexander G. Ryndyk, Roman S. Fadeev, Semen A. Shabalin, Petr S. Rogov Development of the Automotive Radar for the Systems of Adaptive Cruise Control and Automatic Emergency BreakingIEEEAccepted
26Nikita S. Kuznetsov, Leonid V. ShchelkunModernized method of processing low-based LFM signal burstIEEEAccepted
27Roman N. Ipanov, Aleksey A. Komarov, Anna P. KlimovaPhase-code Shift Keyed Probing Signals with Discrete Linear Frequency Modulation and Zero Autocorrelation Zone IEEEAccepted
28Dao Hung Cuong, Dmitry D. Stupin, R. A. ShevchenkoDetection of spoofing interference, which affects the operation of consumers navigation equipment  of satellite radio navigation systems, with the assistance of inertial navigation systems signals on aircraftRSCI thesisesAccepted
29Dmitrii I. Voskresenskiy, Elena V. Ovchinnikova, Dinh To Nguyen, Svetlana G. Kondratyeva, Pavel A. ShmachilinPrinted emitters with distributed excitationIEEEAccepted
30Artyom A. Kopylov, Igor V. ZiminResearch of Informativeness of Polarization Attributes for Classification of Objects of ObservationRSCI report
31Aleksey A. Komarov, Anna P. KlimovaPotential accuracy in estimating surface roughness heights for a safe helicopter landing systemIEEEAccepted
32Evgenii G. Parinov, Igor V. ZiminDesign of a model of a radar objects movement for solving the classification problem using ISARRSCI thesisesAccepted
33Elchin V. Gadzhiev, Alexander G. Generalov, Mirzabek R. Salikhov, Vladimir O. Skripachev, Evgeniy V. Okunev, Alexander O. Zhukov Application of dipole antennas for perspective vehicle-board systems and complexesIEEEAccepted
34Artem L. Zharin, Andrei E. EgorovApproximate Analytical Methods for Calculation of Spatial Position of Objects Concerning Terrestrial Ellipsoid IEEEAccepted
35Denis V. Orlov, Alexander I. KovalenkoUsing Inverse Aperture Synthesis for Side-View Space Radars TestingRSCI thesisesAccepted
36Sergey A. Fedorov, Mikhail I. Kuptsov, Ivan M. Kuptsov Analysis, Modeling and Modification of a Wideband Horn Antenna with a Skate TransitionIEEEAccepted
37Valery A. Astapenko, Sergey V. Sakhno, Egor S. Khramov, Andrey V. Yakovets, Evgeniya V. Sakhno, Egor S. ManuilovichOptical plasmon sensor based on ellipsoidal semiconductor nanoparticlesIEEEAccepted
38Andrey E. Ananenkov, Dmitry V. Marin, Vladimir M. Nujdin, Pavel V. Sokolov, Victor B. SchneiderThe problem of transition from car radar sensors to an all-weather radar vision systemIEEEAccepted
39Vladislav F. Petuhov, Alexander V. Dvorkovich, Aleksandr V. IvchenkoDetermination of the Interfering signal field strength near the TV receiverIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
40Svetlana G. Kondratieva, Elena V. Ovchinnikova, Pavel A. Shmachilin, Natalia P. Anosova Artificial neural networks in digital antenna arrays IEEEAccepted
41Pavel A. Babushkin LIDAR developments of IAO SB RAS for aerosol atmospheric researchPresentationAccepted

3. Computing Technologies and Systems

1Nikolai I. Chervyakov, Pavel A. Lyakhov, Nikolai N. Nagornov, Maria V. ValuevaHigh-Quality 3D Medical Imaging by Wavelet Filters with Reduced Coefficients Bit-WidthIEEEAccepted
2Nikolai I. Chervyakov, Pavel A. Lyakhov, Anzor R. Orazaev, Maria V. ValuevaA New Method of Cleaning Video from Impulse NoiseIEEEAccepted
3Artem I. Kvach, Evgeny M. Portnov, Sergei V. TsymbalovAlgorithm for searching and ranking weakly structured information using the simulated annealing methodIEEE,
RSCI thesises
4Lubov V. PirskayaAbout the problem of using specialized computing algorythms, based on delta-transformations on the iterative solution of linear systemsRSCI thesisesAccepted
5Marina A. Buranova, Dinara R. Ergasheva, Vyacheslav G. KartashevskiyUsing the EM-algorithm to Approximate the Distribution of a Mixture by HyperexponentsIEEEAccepted
6Mikhail G. Babenko, Maxim A. Deryabin, Andrei N. TchernykhThe Accuracy Estimation of the Interval-Positional Characteristic in Residue Number SystemIEEEAccepted
7Sergei A. Petrenko, Dmitry  D. Stupin, Alexey S. Petrenko
Mathematical basis of self-healing computingIEEEAccepted
8Alexander V. Ivchenko, Pavel A. Kononyuk, Vladislav F. Petukhov, Alexander V. Dvorkovich Using of FEC and interleaving at link layerRSCI thesisesAccepted
9Nikolay A. Kuznetsov, Konstantin V. Semenikhin, Denis S. FomichevSimulation-Based Capacity Analysis of Circle Metro LinesIEEEAccepted
10Daria V. Mamaeva, Mikhail A. Afanasev, Vitaliy S. Bakshaev, Mark S. Kliachin
A multi-functional method of QR code used during the process of indoor navigationIEEEAccepted
11Yuriy A. Ushakov, Petr N. Polezhaev, Andrey L. Konnov, Margarita V. Ushakova , Alexandr E. ShukhmanWebRTC quality improvement in the learning multipoint video conferenceIEEEAccepted
12Yuri A. NedbailoAvoiding common scalability pitfalls inshared-cache chip multiprocessor designIEEE,
RSCI thesises
13Mikhail G. Babenko, Aziz S. Redvanov, Maxim A. Deryabin, Nikolay I. Chervyakov, Anton S. Nazarov, Safwat Chiad Al-Galda, Irina S. Vashchenko, Inna V. Dvoryaninova, Elena V. NepretimovaEfficient Implementation of Cryptography on Points of an Elliptic Curve in Residue Number SystemIEEEAccepted
14 Alexey Nazarov, Artem Sychev, Alireza Nik Aein Koupaei, Sanjeev Kumar Ojha, Himanshu Rai Statistical compaction of a monitoring cloud cluster resource when processing streaming services
Larisa B. Markeeva, Ivan V.  Tsybulin, Ivan V. Oseledets
The Dirichlet-Dirichlet Domain Decomposition with QTT for numerical solving differential equations
RSCI report
16Vsevolod M. Sergeev, Konstantin K. Yansitov, Mikhail N. Prokopchuk Overview of features and possibilities of using modern videogrammetry methods RSCI
17Pham T. A., Nguyen Quang Thuong, Bui Tr.A., Nguyen V. T., Fedor F. Pashchenko, Alexander F. Pashchenko Optimization of model parameters by complex probabilistic criteria Presentation Accepted
18Hiep Pham Van, Dung Luu Hong, Thang Vu Viet Developing a new type of digital signature scheme based on RSA problem Presentation Accepted

4. Artificial intelligence systems

1Andrey S. Alekseev, Anatoliy S. BobeGaborNet: Gabor filters with learnable parameters in deep convolutional neural networkIEEEAccepted
2Aneesh Epari, V. K. Chaurasiya, Shishupal KumarRoadside Parking Space Search and Assistance System for Modern CitiesIEEEAccepted
3Maksim Kudrov, Kirill Bukharov, Nikita Grishin, Alexander Bazzaev, Arina Lozhkina, Vladislav Semenkin, Eduard Zakharov, Daniil Makhotkin, Nikolay Krivoshein Classification of Wafer Maps Defect Based on Deep Learning Methods With Small Amount of DataIEEEAccepted
4Anatoly S. Bobe, Grigory V. Rashkov, Maria V. Komarova, Dmitry V. FastovetsPortal: A user-friendly environment for BCI models trainingIEEEAccepted
5Alexey Novoselov, Oleg Dyakov, Igor Kostromin, Dmitry PogibelskiyCascade multi-scale object detection on high-resolution imagesIEEEAccepted
6Nikita R. BerenkovDetection of streaks of faint space objectsRSCI thesisesAccepted
7Valentin S. SpivakResearching of the quickest algorithms for changepoint detection in Hidden Markov ModelRSCI thesisesAccepted
8Hasan KoyuncuParkinson’s Disease Recognition using Gauss Map based Chaotic Particle Swarm-Neural NetworkIEEEAccepted
9Sergey N. Danilin, Sergey A. Shchanikov, Ilya A. Bordanov, Anton D. Zuev, Sergey V. PanteleevDevelopment of Quantitative Criteria for Determining the Fault Tolerance of Memristors, Neurons, and Neural networks Based on ThemRSCI thesisesAccepted
10Andrey Yu. Gorchakov, Vyacheslav K. Mozolenko Analysis of approaches to the universal approximation of a continuous function using Kolmogorov’s superpositionIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
11Maria I. Tikhonova, Anastasia Y. GavrishchukNLP methods for automatic candidate’s CV segmentationIEEEAccepted
12Sergey A. Shchanikov, Ilya A. Bordanov, Sergey N. Danilin Development of a Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation System for Memristor-based Artificial Neural NetworksRSCI thesisesAccepted
13Nikolai E. Gaiduchenko, Pavel A. GritsykHypersonic Vehicle Trajectory Classification Using Convolutional Neural NetworkIEEE, RSCI thesisesAccepted
14Sergey A. Shchanikov, Ilya A. Bordanov, Anton D. Zuev, Sergey N. Danilin Algorithms for Fault-tolerant tuning Memristor-Based Synapses of Artificial Neural NetworksRSCI thesisesAccepted
15Do H. H., Fedor F. Pashchenko Data Collection and Processing SystemIEEEAccepted
16Vladimir M. Balyk, Elena V. Balyk, Nguyen Quang ThuongStatistical Synthesis of the Principle of Rational Organization of a Complex Technical SystemIEEEAccepted
17Nguyen Quang ThuongMethod of Combining the Synthesis of Program Control with Homing Methods for the Problem of UAV’s Control in Conditions of Multifactorial UncertaintyIEEEAccepted
18Alexander A. Yakushev, Nikolay L. DembitskyUse of a neurofilter to extract a periodic signal from noiseIEEEAccepted
19Artem A. Solomatin
JP Morgan stock price prediction using machine analysis of news text
RSCI reportAccepted
20Valentina Yu. Kuznetsova, Iskandar M. Azhmukhamedov, Oleg M. Protalinskiy Social Media Analytics for Better Detection of Fraudulent Applications for Online Microfinance LoansIEEEAccepted
21Bui Tr.A., Pham T. A., Do H. H., Fedor F. Pashchenko, Larisa F. Eremeeva
Using of neural networks to predict the exchange rateIEEEAccepted
22Alexander A. Gilya-Zetinov, Darya D. Demianova, Alexander V. KhelvasPalletizing for full-automated warehouses on the genetics algorithm baseIEEEAccepted
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